The ability to write is a gift, cherish it.

How do you write a good story? This website is my attempt to answer that question and provide hints and resources to those who wish to try. I’ll start with my usual disclaimer: everything here is my personal opinion and I am only one of many out there writing about writing. So, take from here anything you think will help you. And if it does, great, if not, at least you’ll know what not to do. Let me start by debunking the cruellest myth of all about writing:

 Anyone can write.

 Technically, any idiot who can write their own name with a crayon can write, but that doesn’t mean they can write a story. There is a second myth that is only slightly less cruel:

 Anyone can learn to write.

 True, anyone who has learned to write a sentence can learn the rules of grammar, punctuation and the structure of stories. They may have learnt about plot and character and how to write a story in three acts but do they want to? The question isn’t can they write a story, good or bad, the question is are they driven to put words on paper, to create mythic worlds and interesting characters? Do they have a passion for writing? Well, I want to start my own myth about writing:

 If they have the desire, anyone can learn how to write.

 It is my passion to write that drives me. My passion fuels my unquenchable urge and desire to build imaginary worlds and people out of words. It is my passion that compels me to learn as much as I can about writing and then to share it by writing about it. I am driven. And I know how much it means to me to be able to write, because I lost the ability for ten months and it almost drove me crazy.

However, despite the internal pain and suffering I experienced not being able to write I think the hiatus has had beneficial outcomes. I appreciate what I have now instead of taking it for granted. I think about writing on a deeper, more measured level. And, hopefully, I will be a better writer second time around.


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Latest News:

15. Jun, 2014
The Basics page is up
Finally I have gotten around to doing the things I should be doing--writing. Part of that is writing about writing and to that end I have just added the page on story basics. Take a look if you like.
9. Feb, 2014
A long post on my blog about "Story Idea, its Significance and Unity of Action". Well worth the read, but that's only my opinion and for some unexplained reason I'm biased.
8. Feb, 2014
One more post on how I go about building a story. Yes, I keep repeating bit and pieces but this new post does move things along quite a bit.
1. Feb, 2014
Well, I've updated the opening message on this homepage. The next step will be updating, and eventually completing, the rest of the website with new insights I have gained.

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one way of getting your head on the internet i guess

10.03 | 11:20

I liked, re first drafts: "I did have to write it so I could find the premise of the story I really wanted to write." I find this so true!

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